Thursday, December 26, 2013

After Christmas Sale at Trendy Tree!

After Christmas Sale at Trendy Tree! Includes select RAZ Christmas and Spring decorations and much much more!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sunday, November 17, 2013

RAZ Forest Friends Mantel Decoration with Elf


This is a mantel arrangement done by the RAZ designers using items from the 2013 Forest Friends Collection. We don't have the SKU numbers of the exact items that RAZ used, but we have some of the same or similar. The focal point is the large 29" Forest Friends Elf in red, green.


  • 2 Assorted styles, set includes one of each style
  • Made of Polyester
  • Red, Green
  • Measures 29" X 8"
  • Not Intended for Children
  • For Decorative Use Only
♥ RAZ Exclusive The elves are flexible so you can pose them into all sorts of positions. RAZ has one of the elves sitting on a little wooden stool or riser, in front of a mirror which really add to the overall look.

RAZ Forest Friends Branch with Two Bird Nest F3202520

The mantel is covered a couple of different styles of greenery, and also looks like they have used Branches with Bird Nest. There are two styles of these branches available at Trendy Tree, one with one nest and the other with two nest.

RAZ Branch with Bird Nest and Pine Cones F3202520 

RAZ Feathered Birds 3252358

The Elf is holding a RAZ Brown Feathered Bird in his hand and there is a couple more in the display. We have two styles of RAZ Feathered Birds in stock. 
RAZ Feathered Birds 3252357 

Both these styles of birds are light as a feather and will clip to your tree or other decorations. You can also position the sitting on the nest.

There is a RAZ Squirrel ornament sitting beside the elf on the stool. We have several styles and sizes in stock.
RAZ Furry 8" Squirrels 3253473

RAZ 13" Squirrels 3152279

These squirrels are a little different and made from Styrofoam, paper and straw like material. We have several other styles an sizes in stock. Both of these sets of squirrels are from the RAZ Aspen Sweater Collection. 

So many of the items from the RAZ Aspen Sweater and Forest Friends collections are interchangeable.

This display would also look great with some red berry sprays for a little more color.
Browse through all the items in the RAZ Forest Friends Collection today!

Friday, November 15, 2013

RAZ 2013 Christmas Catwalk Collection - Animal Print! 

The 2013 RAZ Christmas Catwalk collection is chocked full of bling and glitz, but it also blends well with traditional reds and greenery as shown in this table top tree by RAZ.

ITEMS USED FOR THIS TREE: (The items that we have stocked, or similar items, will contain a link)

3302458 Flocked Present Ornament
3314101 Purse Ornament (similar purse 3356404)
3314105 Purse Ornament
3314107 High Heel Ornament
3314110 Gem Drop Ornament
3316363 Purse Ornament
3316367 Shoe Ornament
3316432 Gem Drop Ornament
3319008 Catwalk Girl Ornament
3319009 Catwalk Girl Ornament
3319013 Sequined Ball Ornament
3319169 High Heel Shoe Ornament
3319170 High Heel Shoe Ornament
3319171 Boot Ornament
3319315 Sequined High Heel Ornament
3320018 Sunglasses Ornament
3320020 High Heel Ornament
3322865 Glittered Ornament
3326051 Animal Print Ball Ornament
F3306917 Poinsettia
F3306918 Poinsettia
F3311947 Beaded Leaf Spray
F3317600 Swirl Spray
M3300260 5’ Pre-lit Tree in Urn Stand
Present Ornament 3300702
Flocked Present Ornament 3302458
High Heel Ornament 3320020
Flocked Present Ornament 3338005
High Heel Ornament 3356405
Sequined High Heel Ornament 3319315
Sleigh 3314671 (similar sleigh 3214625)

Here are more images showcasing the Christmas Catwalk Collection.

3316374 RAZ Animal Print Coat Hanger Ornament
RAZ Coat Hanger Christmas Ornament 3316374
RAZ Hand Mirror Christmas Ornament 3319168
RAZ Animal Print Ball Ornament 3326051
RAZ Purse Christmas Ornament 3356404
RAZ High Heel Boot Christmas Ornament 3338004
RAZ Posable Ladies Legs 3316491
RAZ Animal Print High Heel Shoe Ornament 3356405
RAZ Glittered Top Hat 3202665
RAZ Glittered Present Ornament 3316430
RAZ Glittered Top Hat Christmas Ornaments 3202332
RAZ Animal Print High Heel Shoe Ornament 3316367
RAZ Flocked Present Ornaments 3302458

Saturday, November 2, 2013

RAZ Pinecone Christmas Ornament from the Tiny Tannenbaums Collection
RAZ 3303455 Pinecone Christmas Ornament

Great image from the RAZ Tiny Tannenbaums Collection showing the Pinecone Christmas ornaments.
We have the long one in stock at Trendy Tree but the image on the website really just doesn't do it justice. It's made of tiny little frosted pinecones and topped off with a natural burlap bow.  It's a rather large ornament and measures about 11.5" x 4.5"

Here's an image of the Pinecone Ornament on a tree done by RAZ.

Great addition to natural and fresh holiday decorations

We also have a great premium Burlap Pinecone Ribbon that would work well with the items from the RAZ Tiny Tannenbaums collection. This is a premium ribbon, it's wire edge, and embroidered with pinecones and greenery.
222971 Burlap Pinecone Ribbon

RAZ Rustic Santas from the 2013 Tiny Tannenbaums Collection
RAZ 2013 Tiny Tannenbaums Collection

This image from RAZ features two of the Santas from the 2013 Tiny Tannenbaums Collection. We don’t carry the one on the far left, but we do have the sitting Santa.
RAZ 3300802 Rustic Sitting Santa

More Details:
  • Made of Polyester
  • Measures 22″ X 13″ X 11″
  • For Decorative Use Only
Here is another Santa from the Tiny Tannenbaums Collection that would look equally as well on the mantel.
RAZ 3312505 Sanding Santa with Presents

  • Made of Polyester
  • Measures 17″ X 10″ X 5.5″
  • For Decorative Use Only
These are two great products from RAZ that would just look stunning on a mantel piece, or table top with just a bit of greenery, fresh or artificial.

Check out the 2013 Tiny Tannenbaums Collection for more rustic, burlap, natural twigs, berries and birds products.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Wreath with RAZ Silver Bells Elves

Wreath tutorial we created this week using elves from the RAZ Silver Bells Collection. This was a fun wreath to make and we had some extra “elf” help as you will see in the video)))

The RAZ Silver Bells Collection is an assortment of decorations in red, black, silver, and white. There are two styles of elves from this collection, the one you see above (which also includes an 11″ size that we didn’t show in the photo) and a set of Skating Elves with coats and mittens on.

The red, black, silver colors were very prevalent at market this year and you’ll also find those colors in the RAZ Aspen Sweater Collection.


We used one of the 30″ Silver Bells Elves (3302534)  and secured him with wire to the frame. Our projects are not made to be permanent, but you surely wouldn’t want an elf like this to fall off! So secure him in a couple of places using floral wire, pipe cleaners or something similar. Secure him to the wire frame itself.

For this wreath we also placed a RAZ Ice Skate Christmas ornament (3303498) which is light as a feather in his hands.


RAZ Silver Bells Elf 3302534


RAZ Silver Bells Elf 3302534

Here are more suggestions of items from the RAZ Silver Bells Category that would look nice on a wreath like this:

Love this old fashioned look bell)))

This Jingle Bell garland would make a merry sound each time the door is opened or closed)))
There are more items in the RAZ Silver Bells Collection and great red/black/silver/white items in other categories too.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


RAZ 2013 Holiday On Ice Tree #2


(Items that we will have in stock at Trendy Tree will have links attached to the products)
3210388 Snowflake Ornament
3220018 Glittered Snowflake Ornament
3256437 Glittered Candy Ornament
3302941 Sequined Top Hat
3303098 Snowman Ornament
3316424 Snowman with Tree
3316508 Snowman Head
3323070 Snowman Cluster Ornament
3329158 Skating Snowman
3329164 Skating Snowman Ornament
F3100088 Glittered Ball Spray
F3100092 Glittered Ball Spray
F3217578 Glittered Curly Spray
F3302933 Top Hat Spray
F3302934 Glittered Pine with Ball Spray
F3306783 Snowman Head Spray
F3310350 Swirl Spray
G3216179 Ball Garland
G3306237 Snowball Wired Garland


RAZ 2013 Holiday on Ice Tree #1


3302939 Mitten Cluster Ornament
3302940 Clip-on Sequined Poinsettia
3323074 Beaded Swirl Ornament
3338013 Glittered Bow Ornament
3338016 Flocked Sleigh Ornament
3338019 Flat Glittered Present Ornament
F3100088 Glittered Ball Spray
F3306837 Glittered Swirl Spray
F3317656 Cascading Crystal Snowflake Spray
F3326015 Pine with Ball Spray
M3200261 4′ Pre-lit Flocked Slim Tree
R3322725 Plaid Wired Ribbon

Other popular items from this collection include the Red and Lime Green Polka Dot Top Hats. These will be available again this year in two sizes. The creation that RAZ did last year was extremely popular so we will share it again.


According to the instructions from RAZ, the hats were wired together and then sprays used to cover up the wire. It doesn’t really show in the photo, but it must be suspended from the ceiling looks like.

In addition to the top hats shown in the image, there is a new lighted top hat for this year that is decorated with swirls.  These hats measure approximately 11.5″ x 13″ and will be priced individually.
RAZ Swirl Top Hats 3314451
Browse through the RAZ 2013 Holiday on Ice Collection…’s chocked full with festive holiday decorations that you’re going to love)))

RAZ Lighted Snowman Prints

RAZ 3311350 Lighted Prints
Whimsical Snowman prints with twinkling lights that you can activate by pressing a spot in the corner.
They are made of Polyester canvas, measure about 12" x 14" and require 3 AA batteries. They are sold separately on Trendy Tree.The adorable prints are from the 2013 RAZ Holiday on Ice Collection.

Watch the video!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

RAZ Animated Snowman from Holiday on Ice

RAZ Animated Musical Snowman 3316502

These are the most adorable, whimsical snowmen ever! They are new for 2013 and from the Holiday on Ice Collection by RAZ. They are musical and their heads move. Here's a video from RAZ so you can see them in action.

Please note that in the video, the Snowman is sitting on a revolving turn table and this does not come with the Snowman, it was just in the decoration set up that RAZ used in the showroom.

More details:
  • Made of Polyester/Styrofoam
  • Measures 14.5", 13.5", 11.5"
  • Wind-Up, Head Moves To Music
  • Plays "Frosty The Snowman"
  • RAZ Exclusive

RAZ Decorating Ideas from the Holiday on Ice Collection


Green wreath with berries, covered with a Snowball Ribbon Garland and topped with a Black Tinsel Top Hat. The Black Tinsel Top hats will be available in two sizes – 10.5″ and 14″. They are flat backed so they will work perfectly for wall creations or on a wreath creation.


Assorted Snowmen and brush bottle trees. The Snowball Garland really makes a visual statement. The 4′ Flocked Snowball Garland will be available at Trendy Tree.


The 4″ Flocked Snowball Garland is also shown on this wreath along with a lighted Snowball garland. The wreath to topped off with Multicolored Showman Tree Topper that measures about 19.5″ in ht and 10″ in width. Tree toppers aren’t just for Christmas trees!


This swag features a pair of RAZ Flat Snowman Heads that measure about 12″ x 7.5″ and are sold as a set of two.


This mantel display features RAZ Black Felt Top Hats in assorted sizes. They will be available in a 9″ 7″ and 5″ size.


Skating snowmen will be available in two sizes. The one on the left is about 15″ in ht and the larger one is about 25″ in ht. These snowmen are very whimsical and cheery. They aren’t toys though)))
They are just for decoration only.


This sleigh is filled with adorable with round faced snowmen with skinny legs, cone hat, ear muffs and top hat. They are sold as a set of three and measure approximately 12.5″ 14″ and 16″

The arrangement contains bright and colorful Pom Pom Sprays. The smaller pom pom sprays come in a set of three and measure 26″ and the larger one is a single Red Pom Pom Spray at 32” It is also available in white and green single sprays.

I love this arrangement))) The Lighted Top Hats are so versatile… can use them on your tree….on top of your tree sitting lopsided….and on tabletops and mantels. This one is upturned and used as a container to hold assorted candy sprays.

The 12″ Top Hat comes in green with red polka dots and red with green polka dots.  We will also have a 10″ Lighted Top Hat in the same color variations. The Candy Sprays are always very popular and we sell out every season… order early)))

The other piece is a 19.5″ Snowman Tree Topper resting on a candlestick.


Bookcase shelf filled with assorted size Lighted Top Hats and simple greenery.


Mantel covered with frosted greenery and red berry sprays. Candy Sprays add some glitz and shine. The Lighted Prints are a new item this year and will be available to purchase individually. The prints require batteries and have a corner that you press to activate. They measure 12″ x 14″


New style Snowman Tree Toppers for this year. These tree toppers are beautiful! We saw them at market and were very impressed with the quality, size and price.

Browse through many more items in the RAZ 2013 Holiday on Ice Collection that are now in stock!