Monday, October 14, 2013

2013 RAZ Aspen Sweater Collection Tree

RAZ 2013 Aspen Sweater Collection Tree

The 2013 RAZ Aspen Sweater Collection is an assortment of whimsical elves decked out in their furry boots and jackets, bears....knitted ornaments including stocking caps, mittens, stockings, candy canes and even scarf garland. Here's a list of the items that the RAZ designers used to decorate this gorgeous tree and you'll find many of them in stock at Trendy Tree. The products with links are the ones we chose to stock at Trendy Tree.

3303450 Mounted Deer Head
3303451 Mounted Moose Head
3304108 Ski Ornament
3306252 Faux Snowy Branch Bundle
3306253 Faux Snowy Branch Bundle
3316347 Knit Ball Ornament
3316349 Knit Mitten Ornament
3316352 Knit Stocking Ornament
3316354 Knit Candy Cane Ornament
3316355 Knit Ball Ornament
3316357 Knit Sweater Ornament
3316358 Knit Scarf Ornament
3316361 Knit Hat Ornament
3323045 Glittered Ornament
3329146 Knit Ball Ornament
3329149 Knit Ball Ornament
3352327 Ski Poles
F3100124 Berry Spray
F3202402 Berry Branch
F3222665 Snowy Branch
F3306163 Frosted Berry Spray
M3100268 9’ Pre-lit Flocked Slim Tree
R3304218 Deer Wired Ribbon

Here's a video done by RAZ to show you how to decorate your tree just like the RAZ Aspen Sweater Tree. Just click on the image to be taken to youtube to see the video.