Saturday, October 26, 2013

Wreath with RAZ Silver Bells Elves

Wreath tutorial we created this week using elves from the RAZ Silver Bells Collection. This was a fun wreath to make and we had some extra “elf” help as you will see in the video)))

The RAZ Silver Bells Collection is an assortment of decorations in red, black, silver, and white. There are two styles of elves from this collection, the one you see above (which also includes an 11″ size that we didn’t show in the photo) and a set of Skating Elves with coats and mittens on.

The red, black, silver colors were very prevalent at market this year and you’ll also find those colors in the RAZ Aspen Sweater Collection.


We used one of the 30″ Silver Bells Elves (3302534)  and secured him with wire to the frame. Our projects are not made to be permanent, but you surely wouldn’t want an elf like this to fall off! So secure him in a couple of places using floral wire, pipe cleaners or something similar. Secure him to the wire frame itself.

For this wreath we also placed a RAZ Ice Skate Christmas ornament (3303498) which is light as a feather in his hands.


RAZ Silver Bells Elf 3302534


RAZ Silver Bells Elf 3302534

Here are more suggestions of items from the RAZ Silver Bells Category that would look nice on a wreath like this:

Love this old fashioned look bell)))

This Jingle Bell garland would make a merry sound each time the door is opened or closed)))
There are more items in the RAZ Silver Bells Collection and great red/black/silver/white items in other categories too.