Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sneak Peek into the 2014 RAZ Snow Biz Collection!

Customers who shop RAZ are always anxiously awaiting the next season collections chocked full with stunning home decorations that the RAZ designers have come up with. Here’s a sneak peek of the 2014 RAZ Snow Biz Collection.

Lots of your old favorites are resurfacing in the Snow Biz collection……polka dot lighted top hats, black and red top hats….skating snowmen. All of the snowmen in top hats whether they were ornaments, sprays or wall hangings were very popular last year and we’re so glad to see them again this year.
New Snowmen ornaments with springy legs and knitted boots.


In this image you can see the new Snowmen ornaments with springy legs and also the flocked chevron striped large flat ornaments and new glass ornaments with chevron stripes.


In this image you can see one of the flocked finials and the knitted chevron striped scarf garland. Your favorite peppermint sprays are back along with the Snowman Head spray…..but this year they have also added another Snowman Head spray and that combination contains a red hat snowman and a green hat snowman.

Your favorite Snowman hat tree toppers are back along with the red and white striped Elf leg)))
What’s new in this collection is the addition of new chevron striped items……everything from lighted presents, to knitted balls, scarves, mittens, ice skates, ear muffs and sweater ornaments.


Chevron stripes were also found on glass ball ornaments in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Many of the ornaments were flocked and contained color combinations of lime, emerald green, red and white.


The combination of both shades of green makes it so much easier to combine your current decorations in with the new.


This image shows the chevron striped knitted mitten ornament and a new package style ornament. These little box ornaments have been available in several color combinations from RAZ over the last 3-4 years and are widely popular. They set flat and make really pretty table decorations, and they double for place card or photo holders. I suspect this new style with chevron stripes and little polka dots will be around for more than one season)))


Another chevron striped knitted ball ornament. Notice the little pom poms on top.

This snowball spray is new.


This ball ornament has it all! Sparkly flocking, chevron stripes and polka dots…and both shades of green.
There was definitely more stocking holders this year from RAZ and the Snow Biz category has an adorable pair of snowmen stocking holders.


Hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek into the RAZ 2013 Snow Biz Collection. We’ll be posting the products that we ordered real soon and once they are on the website, you’ll be able to browse through them and put your name down to be notified when an item comes in. This website feature has been very popular and our customers have said they love it! You just go to a product page, and if the item is out of stock……as in all of the new 2014 RAZ decorations…..the product description will say “arriving this summer” you have the option there of entering your email to be notified when the item is available for purchase.

The moment the item arrives to Trendy Tree, we’ll update the website and an automatic email goes out to you letting you know the item is now in stock and the email includes the link back to the item……so you don’t have to try to remember…..what was it I wanted from Trendy Tree???