Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Trendy Tree Sneak Peek into the Peppermint Toy Collection by RAZ for 2015


New collection from RAZ for 2015 – Peppermint Toy!

Take a quick view of our market trip to Atlanta a few weeks ago.

This collection is chocked full of brightly colored red, white and green products. New whimsical elves with cute faces and check out the Elf Butt and legs sticking out of the tree…..adorable! These elves look like they were having so much fun decorating….they just went diving into the tree!
Tall striped elf hats make great tree tops and add more inches to the height of your tree. Large tinsel lollipops on stick add huge pops of color and whimsy to the tree.

Top hats are always in demand for Christmas decoration and the Peppermint Toy Collection provides several new styles for 2015.  More images to come….stay tuned! And, if you like what you see…..add it to your Wish List on Trendy Tree!


This red and white striped frosted plush ball ornament will be available in two sizes: 3552278 4″ and 3552277 5″ They are made of Styrofoam which always makes for safe decorating and dusted with sparkly glitter giving it a frosted or icy look.


 The elves 3502433 from the Peppermint Toy Collection are bright and cheerful. They will be sold as a set of two, their clothing is a little different on each elf. They are dressed in plaids, checks, polka dots and stripes and measure about 30″ in length (from toes to tip of hat). They are posable.


 This large 14″ Iced Poinsettia F3506845 is just beautiful with it’s frosty look, white pom poms in the center and snowy edge. It’s made of velvet, dusted with glitter and can be shaped. We have a very similar ribbon with a “snowed” edge coming in this season too that would be a perfect compliment to this gorgeous Poinsettia.

This little cutie elf 3520001 is reminiscent of old fashioned glass ornaments from yesteryear. There are two styles in this ornament and they will be sold as sets of two. They are made of glass and decorated in peppermint candy style stripes. The other elf in this collection is in a sitting position.


One of the new top hat styles from the Peppermint Toy Collection is this red and white striped hat. Looks like the hat was sort of facing the wrong way, but this way you can see the back of it! It is made of cardboard covered with fabric and though you can see the front in this image, it has a little sprig of shiny balls and a ribbon bow.

There are two sizes of the hat, one is a 9″ 3516492 which I think is what the one is the image is, and an 11″ 3516493 If you look at any of these on our website right now, they will say sold out, actually they just haven’t arrived yet, but will start coming in around July.

You can always add items to your Trendy Tree Wish List early))


This Peppermint Top Hat Topiary looks like it was made using three sizes of hats – 11″ 9″ and 7″ We’ll have all three of these hats in stock later on this year.

Not quite sure how the topiary was put together, but I’m guessing it probably has a wooden dowel or metal rod run up through the three hats. Maybe some hot glue is helping to hold them in place, but I’m really not sure.


The RAZ Snowman Head Tree Toppers are always very popular and I’m glad to see they came out with several new styles this year. In the Peppermint Toy Collection the hats will have either a solid red hat or a red/white Peppermint swirl hat.


Here’s another image of the Peppermint Toy Snowman Head Tree Toppers. They don’t have to be used a tree toppers as you can see they look great on mantels, tabletop, on top of candle sticks or just stuck in the tree on the side.

The tree toppers and top hats are so versatile! You can turn the tops upside down and fill with an arrangement (no water of course), or use as an embellishment on a wreath like the image below. They are large and pack quite a punch to your decorating.



These Message Plaques from the Peppermint Toy Collection have an old fashioned look about them. They look great in clusters of three, or you could separate them. They are a box style frame and should set on a table top too I think.

Long John Bear! Bound to be a favorite this year, because it’s one of mine already! It’s not a toy now, it’s for decoration only. Love the trap door on the backside))) He will be cute as bug tucked in beside your Christmas tree or on a tabletop.

He’s not the only one wearing long johns this year! Check out these adorable Moose….one is sitting and one is standing. Both dressed in the red long johns. And there is an elf dressed in long johns too from another collection….so many of these products will work together so don’t forget to browse the Night Before Christmas Collection too!



The 30″ Peppermint Toy Elves have that sweet expression on their faces that was introduced last year by RAZ. Children seem to like these elves since they seem a little more friendly…..but some of the mischievous are still around)))


The new Elf Hat Tree Toppers, like the Snowman Head Toppers have many different decorating uses – table top, wreaths, toppers or just on your tree. You can even turn them upside down, fill with sprays or candy canes and attach to a wreath.


The RAZ Elf Butts….what can I say about these unique, whimsical decorations! The legs are wired so you can pose them. You can use them to look like the Elf is diving into the tree, coming down from a chimney, sticking out from under a bed or under the tree….lots of ways to use this attention-getter.

The RAZ Elf Butts will be available in two styles…..and we have even more sizes and styles from some other vendors too! Once everything is listed on the website, just search “butt” …. you’ll get Elf, Witch and Santa butts!



This RAZ Snowman Head Tree Topper is a best seller style that is brought back again for 2015 and with good reason! With is black hat, red and lime neck bow….and peppermint disks for ears….he’s loveable)))

The other version of this best seller is the Snowman Tree Topper with Striped Hat.


Hope you have enjoyed this little sneak peek into the RAZ 2015 Peppermint Toy Collection. Be sure to check back frequently as we continue to add items to our website.

Please don’t be discouraged by the “sold out” that you will see on items. You’ll see this on new products right now, just because the items haven’t arrived yet. We find that our customers love seeing new items early so they can toast their toes in the sand and plan their decorations for the holiday season.