Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Trendy Tree Sneak Peek of 21 RAZ Christmas Trees New for 2015!

The RAZ Christmas trees are ready for viewing! The designers at RAZ have outdone themselves again this year by decorating 21 absolutely stunning Christmas trees. Grab a cup of hot chocolate and sit back and enjoy the video!

Here's a close up view of the trees also.

We're in the process of adding all our new products coming in from RAZ and if you visit the website now, you will see "sold out" on the items. If you will view the complete description, it will explain that the items are on order and arriving Summer2015. You can put your email address in on any product page to receive an email notification the minute the stock arrives.

Also you can use our new Trendy Tree Wish List to add items and later place them in your shopping cart or remove and update your list. Add items as you go along in case you get lost browsing and can't find it again.....that's what happens to the Wish List was the perfect solution))