Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Trendy Tree Sneak Peek into the RAZ 2015 Merry & Bright Collection


Well, it’s never too early to start planning your Christmas decorations for the coming season!

We just got back fro the 2015 markets and showroom visits in Chicago, Dallas and Atlanta and just want to share a little peek into one of our favorite collections from RAZ….the 2015 Merry & Bright Collection. It’s chocked full of cheer and whimsy for this year.

Blues seems to be a little darker, but also there is light blue, orange, red, green, white….lots of new textures with chenille balls and picks….glass and non-breakables…..soft plush, and knitted pieces…..there is even an ugly sweater ornament!

We’ll be getting all the items we have on order, listed on the website soon….in the meantime, browse these these images for just a little peek into this adorable collection))))


This tree topper is just gorgeous! And you can take your 7.5′ tree and easily turn it into a 9′ with the addition of a topper like this.

Snowball picks and one of our favorites is the new, almost coral like in shape, white stick spray. These sprays will be available in white and red and add a very different look.


Adorable chubby snowman ornament holding a Jolly signs….love the colorful knitted scarf and the extra touches like the buttons on the front.


Another taller whimsical snowman with star buttons and I think he’s holding a small knitted ornament.


Another snowman….guess you can tell by now how popular snowmen are)))


Snowman head ornament in a couple of styles. This particular snowman head also comes in a big tree topper version that we’ll be sharing later on.


Green hat version of the snowman ornament, we’ll probably offer it in a set of two, one of each hat color.


Lots of snowflakes could be found in several collections….snowflake ornaments…garlands…and picks. These glittery snowflakes will work in many different decorating themes for 2015…..yes, we’ll have a “frozen” theme to show you a little later)))


These white glittery big ball ornaments were like fluffy chenille wrapped around the ball. I think they might have had little pom poms at the top, but it could have been another style that we saw this on.


This is the red version of the ball.


Moose are big for Christmas decorating….we found them in the lodge or cabin, woodland look, but also wearing these bright little sweaters that puts them in the perfect mood for the Merry & Bright collection…..you can’t go wrong with a few Moose…Meese….Mooses? around the house)))


Hard to get this image to show up well, it was hanging from the ceiling, but it’s a banner on string…love the little knitted ball for the “O”


This flat disk ornament was popular in different collections, different styles of course. Some were made of a paperboard and some were made of metal. All were hanging from little ribbons and many of them depicted retro type pictures.

We’ll show you more later….some had a “Normal Rockwell” look. They are large and will make a nice impact in your decorating.


Glass and non-breakable ornaments were everywhere….and it’s very hard to tell them apart!


The sweater knit elf leg….cute))) It has a bit of a curve in it and I believe there is a coordinating Elf Butt to match along with a cone shaped elf hat)))


This large flat disk ornament is always a popular style. It’s made of a paperboard, glittered and nicely decorated. It’s lightweight so it makes a good attachment to wreaths and centerpieces…..really easy to hang on your tree, but does take a lot of room.


Painted burlap pieces are always popular. Love this little guy with his closed eyes. He’s holding a Jolly sign….note the little bit of orange includes….makes a big difference doesn’t it)))


This style of package ornament is something that RAZ has been famous for, for years. Love the squiggles and lines.

These little boxes make great table top decorations to hold place cards or photos too. They make a nice “happy” for your dinner guest to take home.

We’ll be sharing more photos later….and we also have a video clip of shopping trip that we’ll be posting soon. Hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek into the RAZ 2015 Merry & Bright Collection!

We have hundreds of products to add to our website, so check out this collection frequently to see what’s been added. Most of the products will start arriving this summer!