Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Wish List Feature on Trendy Tree!


A new feature has been added to Trendy Tree! A new Wish List was just turned on to make your browsing easier and so much more fun.

The days are gone where you have to try to remember what it was that you wanted…..and now you can’t find it! No need to panic…..just add it to your Wish List….finish what you need to do and come back later.

The Wish List is located at the top right corner of the website. When browsing on a product page, you will see an option to Buy, or Add to Wish List. To review your list at any time, click on the “Wish List” at the top of the website.

Items can be moved directly from the Wish List to your shopping cart by clicking on Add to Cart button, or you can delete. The items will continue to show up on your Wish List until they are actually purchased (order completed) or deleted.

It is necessary to sign in to your account to use the Wish List. It is not necessary to make a purchase to create an account, but signing into an account is required for the Wish List.

Plus….by using the Wish List…..you can send that baby to anyone who is looking to buy something special for you. And with all our crafting supplies…..lots of folks get a kick out of getting “just what they needed.” Great for gift ideas too since we have so many products that are perfect for gifting.
A word of caution…..putting items on your Wish List does not secure it for sale. If it sells out before you make your purchase it will say something like not available.

So test it, try it….send your list off to someone who cares for you. You never know…..Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and that special someone may still be trying to decide what to get you!