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Trendy Tree is now shipping worldwide! We’ve had so many requests and now we are pleased to announce that effective 4/1/26, we will now begin worldwide shipping via FedEx or the United States Postal Service.

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RAZ 2016 Christmas Cabin Collection Preview

RAZ Christmas Cabin Collection 2016


Here's a quick video to watch of the Christmas Cabin Collection with more images to follow:



Christmas Cabin #1

Here’s a closer look at the RAZ 2016 Christmas Cabin trees. There are two decorated trees from this collection. We’ll review the Christmas Cabin #1 first. Here’s a list of all the items RAZ used on this tree.

We will have several items from the Christmas Cabin Collection available at Trendy Tree, but we won’t have them all. We’ll also show you some suggested alternatives that you might fill in with to achieve the same look.


3405157 Animal Ornament – Alternative 3405160
3416113 Lighted Lantern Ornament – Alternative 3520072 or 3520071
3601636 Bear with Hat and Scarf Ornament
3602229 Posable Elf Ornament
3607021 Log Cabin Ornament
3610234 Animal Wood Slice Ornament – Alternative MTX51103
3615512 Santa with Skis – Alternative XSS324
3616112 Ski Ornament
3616141 Star Ornament – Alternative XN3789  or 3103424
3616149 Plaid Bow Ornament – Alternative 3616148
3616560 Star Ornament – Alternative MTX51105
3620045 Lantern Ornament – Alternative 3625588
3620047 Lighted House
3620050 Animal Ornament
3620053 Animal Wood Slice Ornament
3624599 “Joy” and “Noel” Wood Slice Ornament
3625588 Red Lighted Lantern
3638003 Flocked Plaid Deer Head Ornament
F3506147 Snowy Pine Berry Spray – Alternative EW0064K1
F3510348 Snowy Branch
F3606971 Snowflake Spray – Alternative MTX47790
M3652011 7.5’ Pre-lit Slim Tree
R3604222 Plaid Wired Ribbon – Alternative X561840-15

The alternatives that we have suggested are items that are in stock, may or may not be a RAZ product, but are very similar in appearance and style.

The next tree is the Christmas Cabin Tree #2


ITEMS USED FOR this tree:

3505151 Bear Ornament – Alternative 3316356
3508033 Plaid Animal Ornament – Alternative 3517101
3602235 Posable Cowboy Elf Ornament
3616230 “Noel” and “Joy” Sign Ornament
3617080 Horse Disk Ornament
3620044 Lighted Lantern Ornament – Alternative 3520072
3620046 Lighted Cabin Ornament  – Alternative 3607021
3623266 Standing Moose – Alternative 3523251
3623268 Skiing Moose – Alternative 3429165
F3606719 Jingle Bell Star Spray
F3606721 Jingle Bell Spray
F3606725 Wood Slice Spray – Alternative MTX51119
F3650621 Embossed Leaf Spray – Alternative F3402312
M3652013 5’ Pre-lit Tree
R3604222 Plaid Wired Ribbon – Alternative R3527717
R3604236 Deer Wired Ribbon – Alternative R3371762
XG3625558 Mason Jar String Light Garland

The Christmas Cabin Collection by RAZ is a very warm, cozy and whimsical collection. To see all the items that will be available at Trendy Tree from this collection click here: Christmas Cabin Collection