Monday, May 15, 2017

RAZ Peppermint Kitchen Elves for 2017

The Peppermint Kitchen collection from RAZ was one of our favorites at market this year. Here's a few images of the elves from that collection that will be arriving to Trendy Tree very soon!

These elves are the 30" size (measured from the tip of the toes to the hat outstretched). They are adorable in their red and cream clothing. They have very sweet expressions on their faces. Sometimes the decorative elves can have whimsical expressions, but sometimes they can be downright too mischievous! RAZ SKU 3702379

These 30" elves are sold on our website, Trendy Tree, as a set of two. They will be arriving this summer, but there is a place on the product page where you can enter your email address to be notified the moment they arrive. They start selling early!

These elves are posable. You can bend their arms, legs and bodies to have them sitting on a mantel as above or hanging on to your Christmas tree.....lots of possibilities))) But remember, they are decorations, they are not toys and not meant for children. 

This set of Peppermint Kitchen Elves are similar in color in their red and cream clothing. They measure about 16" from top of hat to toes. They are holding garlands or ornaments in their hand. They too can be shaped in the desired position. The SKU number is  3702378 and they are sold as a set of two. They too will be arriving this summer to Trendy Tree.

To see more of the delightful Christmas decorations from the 2017 RAZ Peppermint Kitchen Collection just click on the image below!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Cookies! Cookies! Cookies!

These Claydough cookie ornament from RAZ are so realistic you can almost smell them! Cute way to decorate your tree, packages or just scatter around on your kitchen shelving. Dress up an old mixing bowl with a Christmas tea towel for a homey decoration.

The RAZ ornaments above are 3715541 Cookie Sheet ornaments (set of 2) and measure about 6 inches. The ornaments are decorated with a little red and white check bow.

The other ornament is a set of three different Cookie Cutter Snowflake ornaments. 3716135. They measure about 3.5" and also are decorated with a red white checked bow. 

The RAZ Gingerbread Wreath Ornament, 3700762, measures about 9" in diameter.

The RAZ Gingerbread Cookie ornament on the cooling rack, come as a set of three and measure about 4" and come in shapes of a tree, star and candy cane. The SKU number is 3700774. 

 The RAZ Gingerbread Garland, G3716156, has six pieces that measures about 4". It is 30" in length.

The RAZ Iced Gingerbread Cookie Ornament, 3720152, comes as a set of two and measures about 4".

Claydough ornaments are great for decorating around kids. They are very durable and make great ornaments to mix in with those precious handmade ornaments from your kids or grandchildren. 

These ornaments are all from the 2017 RAZ Peppermint Kitchen Collection. Visit us at Trendy Tree to see all the items we have from this collection and more! Most of the 2017 items will be arriving in July, but we have many in stock now!

We even have ribbon with Christmas cookies on it!